BJP to appoint former Supreme Court Judge in Social Security appointments

BJP has appointed former Supreme Judicial Officer (SJO) Kapil Sibal as a senior judge in the social security appointments.

The appointment comes at a time when the Congress and the AIADMK are facing major political blow ups in Karnataka, and a Congress-led government is likely to be formed in Karnachal Pradesh, which is also in the states south of the state. 

Sibal was appointed by the SC in the case of the death of Chief Justice T.S. Thakur.

He has also been nominated for appointment by the State Council of Women.

He was appointed as Solicitor General of Karnataka and is currently serving as an Associate Professor at the Law Faculty at the Jawaharlal Nehru University.

Sibal has also served as Chief Justice of Karnachan.

Sivakumar Chaudhary, a BJP leader in Karn, said the BJP will make an appointment in the coming days. 

“We have appointed Kapil as the Chief Justice in the appointment of Sajid Jain as the new President of Karnishapur.

Sajad has been appointed as the President of the Karnishapsuram.


Chaudhari is an independent candidate in the election,” Chaudhiary told The Hindu. 

BJP sources said Sibal is a very competent judge, who had previously served as Sajar in the Supreme Court and was also a member of the Bar Council of Karnas. 

The party has also named S.K. Venkatachaliah as the head of the social services department, and as a member in the State Commission for Social Welfare.