The Genius Bar Is Getting Into Biometrics For You

With the introduction of biometric devices like facial recognition and iris scanning, bar owners are becoming more confident in using their technology to make customer appointments.

“We have a lot of new technology,” said Joe Hynes, owner of the Bar in Chicago.

“The bar is becoming more digital, and there is a new breed of customer who wants to go to the bar and go to get something done,” he added.

The bar’s owner said he expects the new technology will be used more widely by bar owners.

Hynes said the bar has already been working with biometrically scanned images of customers.

“If a customer walks in and says, ‘Hey, I have a tattoo’ or whatever, the bar will show them that bar number, and they can just see the bar number and the bar name,” Hynes told The Associated Press.

He said biometrin scanning technology is already used at his restaurant and other locations.

“I think that’s a good thing,” Hanes said.

“And I think people want to know more about what they’re ordering.

So we’ve already had people coming in to get an order of drinks or a pizza, and now we have that same type of technology, too.”

He added that the technology is a welcome addition to the hospitality industry.

“What it does is give people an opportunity to get their drink ordered quickly,” Hanks said.

But he added that bar owners shouldn’t feel they are being pressured to use the technology to get the job done.

“It’s a nice technology,” Hays said.

The technology, which is still in its early days, has been used at several bars and restaurants.

Hanes and his wife, Amanda, use biometrization to get customers to their tables.

When they start seeing more people using the technology, Hynes hopes it will help more bar owners start using it more often.

“People are really starting to appreciate it, so we’re really excited to see what it does for our customers,” Hys said.