Apple will sell iPhones at book stores

Apple will begin selling iPhones at a bookstores starting March 2.

The move comes amid competition from Amazon and Microsoft.

Booksellers will be able to offer phones and other electronics as well as electronics and accessories, according to a news release from Apple.

A “special deal” will be offered for those bookings that have a $300 minimum reservation fee and can include an additional device, such as a tablet.

It is unclear whether Apple will charge an additional fee for bookings with a minimum reservation of $300 or if a “special discount” will apply.

Apple said it will also offer discounted prices on select Apple products.

For those bookers who are not able to book through Apple, they can visit the Apple Online Store to buy the iPhone and iPad with an additional $200 reservation fee.

“We’re excited to offer these new products to our loyal Apple Bookstore customers who are searching for the best value, with all-day convenience and no additional purchase or reservation fee,” said Bill Schulman, Apple’s senior vice president of global digital products.

Apple and Microsoft are both looking to expand their presence in the book business with a push to offer a range of apps and services that are more accessible to bookers.