The latest news from the US: The latest in the fallout of the healthcare reform debate

The latest US news on healthcare and the 2016 presidential race:The US presidential campaign is now in full swing, and the race for the White House is in full force.

As the campaigns heats up, and as the candidates are making their pitches to voters, it is worth remembering the most important issues facing the American people, according to a new poll.

It is the economy, and its effect on health, and also how it affects people.

And while some of the issues that people care about most are the economy and health, many of the others are also at the forefront of voters’ minds.

The poll by the Public Religion Research Institute and The Wall Street Journal found that the economy is the top issue for voters, followed by education, the economy of jobs and the economy.

The survey also found that voters’ most important concerns are about the economy: 47% said they are most concerned about the future of the economy compared to 35% who said the economy was their top concern.

Education is also the top concern for voters.

This poll found that 56% of voters said they were most concerned with the future status of education, compared to only 23% who were most worried about the current status of their school system. 

It’s not just the economy that voters are worried about. 

They are worried that things will get worse for some, too. 

In this poll, voters said that their children will be more likely to get poor health outcomes.

And the top concerns for voters about that were the cost of healthcare, the cost to the country and how much money the country is going to be spending on education and healthcare. 

Voters also were concerned about a number of other things: whether they have enough to do in their day-to-day lives; whether they have the opportunity to do things they want to do; and whether their children are learning. 

Some of the more worrying issues are: The costs of healthcare; How much the government is spending on healthcare; and How the US is going about regulating the health insurance industry. 

The poll shows that voters want to make healthcare affordable and affordable for everyone.

They are also worried that they will not have enough money to do those things, and will have to look for savings elsewhere. 

These are just a few of the many questions the poll asked.

What are your concerns about the healthcare debate? 

What do you think will be the biggest problem for the US economy in the future? 

Do you have enough savings? 

Are you concerned about how your children are going to grow up? 

How are you going to do your job? 

Which candidates do you trust?

What do your voters think is most important for the economy?

What are the top issues facing Americans right now?

What issues do you have the most concern about?

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