How to call the IRS for an appointment

The Internal Revenue Service is offering a free, on-the-go appointment appointment tool that lets users request to be called by a specific tax collector, or call a particular agency’s hotline.

The new tool, which has been available for a few months, is designed to help users who are struggling with a difficult call or an appointment, the IRS said in a news release.

Users can get the call through an IRS website or smartphone app that connects to the agency’s toll-free toll-collection line.

The IRS said it hopes that more people will sign up.

“We know that people are tired of waiting and frustrated by the bureaucracy,” said Steve Goss, senior adviser to the IRS’s tax-filing and collection division.

“So we’re really excited to offer this new service to help alleviate some of that stress and frustration.”

The new app is designed for people who have recently filed their tax returns, have recently moved, are working on a business trip or are trying to schedule a family member’s appointment.

It’s also designed to work for people in other states who do not have a federal tax filing office.

The app was developed by the IRS and developed with the help of the National Taxpayer Advocate, a nonprofit group that advocates for consumers.

The tax-exempt nonprofit advocates for federal tax-payer-funded services and advocates for taxpayers’ rights.