Trump says he will appoint ‘very qualified’ CDC director

The President is reportedly set to nominate a CDC director for his first full day in office, as well as a senior scientific advisor, according to reports.

Trump, who is expected to nominate Dr. David Himmelstein, is expected in the next few days to announce a new director for the CDC, according the New York Times.

Himmelspan, who has served as director of the National Institutes of Health since 2014, will reportedly be the next director of National Institutes Of Health (NIH), which oversees research, the paper said.

Himmelespan is also likely to be confirmed by the Senate, as he is currently serving as NIH’s acting director, according a CNN report.

Haim Saban, the CEO of The Saban Group, which is reportedly backing Trump, also said in a tweet that he would support Himmelnix nomination.

“I’m thrilled the President is nominating Dr. Haim Saban as the next Chairman of the NIH,” Saban tweeted.

Saban also tweeted that the president is looking forward to working with him.

“We need strong leaders who will build on the tremendous progress our nation has made in combating disease, including COVID,” he wrote.

Hannity and Hannity also praised the President’s decision to nominate Himmeli, saying the CDC is a “very important part of our national response to COVID-19.”

Hannities tweet continued, “The president has a very strong record in the areas of scientific leadership and scientific progress, and this nomination will help our agency maintain its leadership role and expand its capabilities to tackle the rapidly evolving threats of this pandemic.”