Apple Genius appointment and DMV appointment to come to Queensland

A new appointment is being made by Apple to work on health software development, with a $3 million investment to be made in Queensland.

The appointment will take place in the coming months, the Queensland Government announced in a press release today.

The Queensland Government said Apple’s development team would be working on Apple’s Health app.

“The Queensland Health Team has a proven track record in the healthcare industry and has built an impressive reputation with health software developers around the world, with our most recent clients including Apple,” the statement said.

“We believe that the Queensland Health team has an excellent ability to bring new products and services to the Queensland market and will be able to deliver on the Queensland’s strategic objectives for 2020-21.”

It said the announcement of the appointment would not be made without consulting with the Queensland health department.

“As a result, the appointment is subject to approval and approval by the Health Department.

This will ensure the team has the confidence and support they need to deliver their new initiatives,” the Queensland Department of Health said in the release.

The release said Apple has worked with Queensland Health in the past.

In 2014, Apple announced it was establishing a Brisbane Health team.