Microsoft’s new ‘Supercuts’ appointment and scheduling tool is a great addition to our suite of tools

Microsoft has unveiled its new “Supercuts” appointment and schedule tool, which lets you quickly create a supercut from a wide variety of different sources to easily edit, create, share, and review.

While the app currently has only been available to select users, Microsoft is currently planning to roll it out to all users in the coming weeks.

The Supercuts app lets you create a quick “supercut” of a task and upload it to your Microsoft account.

The app then automatically adds relevant tasks to your “Supercut” list.

When you click on the task’s title in the app, the app will pop up a short description of the task and show you options to save the task, preview it, and manage it.

Once you’ve added the task to your Supercuts, you can drag it to a specific folder on your PC and drag the corresponding task to a location on your device.

If you select the location, the task is automatically saved in that location and can be accessed from any of the Microsoft apps and services you use.

You can also drag the task anywhere on the screen to create a new copy.

Once you’ve created a copy, you then need to drag it back to the original location on the device to save it to the Supercuts.

Microsoft says that the new app has two modes: Instant, which creates a copy of a Supercut on the fly, and the Save Supercut, which saves a copy on your Microsoft Account.

If the copy doesn’t work out, you’ll need to use the Create Supercut option to upload the copy to the app.

You’ll also need to set up an account with Microsoft, which will allow you to access the app from within Microsoft Office.

The Supercuts feature is available now for Windows Insiders on PC, Mac, and Linux, and is scheduled to launch later this year for Mac and Windows.

The new app can be found on the Windows Store for free.

For more information, check out the company’s blog post here.