SSA appointment: A photo-op for the office, and a chance to meet the new CEO?

Posted October 24, 2018 12:10:31SSA is the nation’s largest retirement plan and a cornerstone of the U.S. retirement system.

Its members and retirees can access more than 30 million savings options and earn up to $1,100 in bonuses.SSAs primary goal is to help employees save and grow their nest eggs.

With a portfolio of retirement accounts ranging from 401(k)s to IRAs, SSAs benefits are diversified, including in retirement accounts for workers with disabilities, seniors and people with chronic illnesses.

The retirement plan is run by the SSA Employer Council, which is made up of the nation, states, counties and local governments.

This group of government agencies oversees the SPSA and its affiliated plans.

SSA has a diverse portfolio of assets, with assets such as its retirement accounts, health insurance and investments.

For example, the SPA has more than $8 billion in IRAs.SPSA also has the highest average annual contributions in the country, with a median contribution of $4,958, according to the SRS Foundation, a retirement planning foundation.

SPSAs average annual savings for 2017 was $2,842.