Florida Dems to hold inauguration: ‘No time left’

President-elect Donald Trump is set to take the oath of office Friday, but Democratic governors in Florida, New York and New Jersey are set to hold a recess appointment to fill the vacancy.

The Senate on Thursday confirmed two Democratic appointees, and on Friday the House approved two Republican appointees to fill vacancies in the state and in the Senate.

In Florida, state Sen. Chris Cate, a Democrat who is a member of the Senate Banking Committee, was confirmed as commissioner of the state Department of Financial Services and Commissioner of Financial Institutions.

The Senate confirmed Cate as a commissioner of Financial Regulation.

The Democratic appointee, Republican Sen. John Alvarado, will be appointed as commissioner for the state of Florida, and is also a member the Senate Financial Services Committee.

He was also confirmed by the Senate on Friday.

Alvaradoes nomination is likely to be approved by the full Senate.

Republican Sen. Ed Royce, the chairman of the House Financial Services Subcommittee, was also approved by committee, and his confirmation is expected to be made on Monday.

Republican Gov.

Rick Scott was confirmed to fill Cate’s Senate seat.

On Friday, the House confirmed Sen. Bill Nelson as chairman of Senate Banking and Insurance and Sen. Joseph Sadoway as chairman for the House Committee on Financial Services.

Nelson was also a commissioner for Florida’s Department of Consumer Financial Protection.

The Republican appointee for Florida is Sen. Rick Snyder, and the Republican appointor for New York state is Sen, Michael Doyle.

Snyder is the chairman for Senate Banking.

Sadoway was a commissioner and a member on the Senate Finance Committee.

Doyle is also chairman of a Senate Finance subcommittee.

Both have been confirmed by full Senate and Senate Banking Committees.