Watch: La Plata’s Domingos, Raul Ramos discuss Rio de Janeiro 2018

The arrival of Domingo Ramos, Argentina’s starting right-back, and the team’s World Cup hopes, along with the recent appointment of Carlos Ponce, were the two big headlines of this week’s edition of the TalkSport World Series.

Here’s the full rundown on what you need to know:What’s happening with the squad?

Argentina has lost seven of the last eight matches to qualify for the World Cup finals, and is set to face France in Sao Paulo on Friday night.

However, they will be without Ramos, who has been suspended for the first time in the World Championship, and Ponce for the tournament opener against France.

Ramos, who is playing in his 100th cap, was in the headlines after missing a crucial tackle in the last World Cup qualifier against Uruguay in Brasilia.

His decision to leave the pitch after being shown a red card was the latest in a long list of controversial decisions he’s made in his career.

Argentine manager Jorge Sampaoli had to explain the decision to replace Ramos with Ponce and the club is now hopeful of making a return to the finals after a 2-0 loss to Argentina at home.

However, the player’s decision to join up with the Argentina squad was widely criticised by fans, and a tweet by Sampaolo was seen by many to be disrespectful to the Argentinian team-mates who were present on the pitch.

Ramos’ decision has been met with widespread criticism.

What do you think?

It is not the first incident in Ramos’ career where a coach has to explain his or her decision to his or hers, and his latest decision was a clear indication of the coach’s anger.

Argentina had a 0-0 draw with Ecuador in their opening game, and Ramos’ actions during that match could have resulted in the referee issuing a redcard.

Arguably, his decision was also a reflection of the players’ frustration, as they felt their team was unable to control its own destiny.

It has been a poor start for Argentina, and it will be interesting to see what the team-mate’s reaction will be.

It’s been a disappointing season for Argentina.

They have lost their last seven games and are currently in eighth place in the standings.

They could have a lot of momentum left with just one more game remaining against Uruguay, and that could be enough to take them to Brazil.

It could also be the final nail in the coffin of their World Cup chances.

However the Argentinians’ performances in Brazil will have been a wake-up call for Sampaoles team, as his squad has only qualified for the finals once in their history.

This has seen them stumble in crucial fixtures against Colombia, Brazil and Colombia, with the team only managing a point from five games.

The first leg of Argentina’s World Series clash against Brazil is due to take place on Saturday at 4pm GMT.