Trump’s K-8 appointment sparks a ‘serious backlash’

The president-elect’s appointment of his top K-9 to run the White House’s Animal Care and Control division was greeted with criticism Monday by animal rights advocates and some animal advocates who say it will be ineffective and could be a threat to the animals.

Trump made the announcement Monday after months of speculation, saying he wanted to make sure the agency’s work is being done properly.

He has long been a fan of animal care, and Trump has been outspoken on the topic.

“He’s very smart, very talented, very knowledgeable and has a lot of knowledge,” Trump said Monday, referring to the retired Marine Corps general.

“But he’s also a very hard worker, and he works really hard.”

He also called animal care a “big problem” in the country and suggested it could be solved by bringing in outside help.

“It’s a big problem.

I mean, we have to make the public believe that we have some real problem,” Trump told reporters.

Trump and his family have owned the business since 1987, and have also had a number of family members working for them.

The president has also appointed a number in his administration to run various agencies, including the Department of Housing and Urban Development, which oversees public housing.

Trump also named two senior advisers to run a department that oversees education, and has nominated for senior positions a number other senior officials to be involved in a number departments.

“This is a really good time for our government to have a new head of the Department for the Urban Development and Education,” Trump declared at a news conference on Monday.

“We have a good, experienced person at the Department, and we’ve got a good head of HUD.

We have a great, great person at HUD.

And I can’t wait to get to work.”

Trump also nominated Betsy DeVos, a conservative Christian billionaire and former Michigan Republican governor, to run for education secretary.

Trump has long advocated for more private schools, saying in the past that private schools should be regulated like public schools.

“I have great people who are going to run our education system,” Trump announced in a statement Monday.