NHS to accept ‘sick and tired’ of delays in vaccinations

Doctors in the UK are set to accept an offer to help vaccinate millions of sick and tired people.

The Government’s plans to vaccinate every adult, baby and child within five years will be announced on Wednesday.

The move comes after the government announced a “national strategy” to tackle childhood vaccinations, with the aim of making vaccinations more affordable and accessible to the UK.

A new report from the Royal College of Surgeons says the move to vaccinating everyone will take time to implement, and will require collaboration across departments, from health to the NHS.

“The National Strategy is the first step in delivering the vaccine-first agenda that will deliver a vaccine-free generation,” said Dr Andrew Fergusson, chief executive of the Royal Medical Society.

Dr Ferguson said there were also challenges to overcome, including the challenges of ensuring vaccinations are carried out in a way that is not linked to the need to vaccine at a specific time.

“The vaccine-resistance pandemic has been a challenge to the strategy and we know that the vaccine delivery model will take some time to fully implement,” he said.

Fergussons report also says that vaccination rates are likely to remain low.

There are some 7 million people in the United Kingdom who have been registered for vaccination under the Government’s Vaccination Plan, with 1.6 million in England and Wales.

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