Which politician will win the 2020 election?

A new poll by the Dáil has put the incumbent in the clear ahead of his closest rival, with Mr Noonan comfortably ahead in a hypothetical general election.

The poll for the Sunday Independent by ICM found that Mr Noonon had a comfortable lead over the opposition Labour leader and that the DUP leader would come out on top in a general election with the support of about one in 10 voters.

The party leader, who is expected to face a second challenge from the anti-abortion DUP party this weekend, had held a commanding lead in recent polls, which had him leading in most opinion polls.

He has secured the support from about one-third of the population, with the poll showing that his support is about twice the level of his nearest rival.

Mr Noonon’s party was the first to hold a leadership contest in the past 10 years and he is now one of the longest-serving and most popular politicians in the country.

It is expected that the Dail will vote on Saturday to confirm Mr Noonanc as leader, with a possible date yet to be confirmed.

The polls suggest that Mr Trump will win a majority of the Irish electorate, but there is no clear indication on who will be his next prime minister.

The Dáili has traditionally been more likely to favour the main parties.

Mr Trump has led the US presidential race for almost a year but is unlikely to win a general, as the Díil has been dominated by the main political parties.