Theresa Caputo: The most interesting new Australian government face to face

Today, we’re premiering a new segment on ABC News24, which is dedicated to the most interesting Australians to meet in person.

It’s a rare chance to see the next Prime Minister on our screens.

Here’s the schedule.


Stephen Jones: The Queensland premier and leader of the National Party is a former minister in Julia Gillard’s Labor government, and has also served as leader of both the Palmer United Party and the New England Patriots.

Jones has made no secret of his opposition to same-sex marriage, and his party has recently taken a harder line on the issue than Labor.

He also says the Greens are too far to the right on the topic.


John Robertson: Robertson, who is the former treasurer of the Queensland Labor Party, was appointed by the previous Labor government in 2010.

A veteran of the Australian Labor Party in the 1980s and 1990s, Robertson was instrumental in the development of the federal Labor party’s economic policies.

He was also the head of the WA branch of the Labor Party and an advocate for the establishment of a free trade zone in the state.

Robertson was an important part of Labor’s economic development agenda and is currently in charge of the state’s mining industry.


Nick Xenophon: Xenophon was elected in the Queensland seat of Longman in 2010, defeating the incumbent, Anthony Albanese.

He has also held the position of Queensland’s Speaker of the Lower House since 2010, and is a long-time Labor supporter.

He is a supporter of the United Nations and has expressed support for the development and deployment of Australia’s first permanent military base in the Pacific.


Scott Morrison: The former deputy prime minister of Queensland, Morrison was appointed the nation’s third prime minister by Gillard in 2010 and has served as a key part of her government’s economic policy.

In his second term as premier, Morrison has made the state an attractive investment destination, and the state has become a leading exporter of Australian products.


Julia Gillard: Gillard was elected to office in the State of Queensland in 2010 on a platform of increasing access to affordable, quality healthcare and social services for all Queenslanders.

She has also introduced reforms to the state government to streamline its bureaucracy, reduce bureaucracy and make it easier for business and the private sector to get their products to Queensland.

Gillard is a strong advocate of marriage equality, and campaigned on her record of opposing same-gender marriage, in a move that has led to widespread public criticism.


Bob Carr: The Labor premier of Queensland was appointed as the nation the first woman to lead a state government in the United Kingdom in June 2015, following the election of Nick Clegg.

Carr was elected as a Liberal candidate for Queensland in 2017, becoming the first Australian woman to be elected to Queensland’s Senate.

Carr is a vocal critic of the Liberal Party’s immigration policies, and supports the creation of a carbon tax.


David Johnston: The current Premier of New South Wales, Johnston has served in government since 2006 and has previously held the seat of Melbourne-Canberra for Labor since 2015.

Johnston’s record on the environment is mixed, but he has advocated for a national renewable energy target and supported the development to improve Australia’s quality of life.


Chris Bowen: The Federal Treasurer, Bowen is the new Federal Treasurer of Australia and is the current leader of Labor in the Federal Parliament.

He led the Coalition in both of the major federal parties, and was elected on a promise to deliver on Labor’s promised $10 billion infrastructure investment in his first term.

Bowen has also pledged to cut the carbon tax, increase Medicare rebates, and ensure the Labor-Gillard government has the power to legislate and act in relation to the environment.


Mark McGowan: McGowan is the Prime Minister of Queensland and the Member for Longman, which he will represent for the next five years.

He’s been a Labor member of the Legislative Council since 2006, and also served in the Parliament of Western Australia.

He currently serves as the Queensland premier.


Kevin Andrews: The Member for Goulburn and South Brisbane, Andrews has represented Queensland for the past 25 years and is widely considered one of the most effective and experienced cabinet ministers in Queensland.

Andrews has also represented the states of New England, South Australia, Victoria, Tasmania and Northern Territory.

Andrews will take the Labor leadership for the first time.

Andrews was the Labor leader from 2009 to 2015, and served in three different ministerial portfolios: Education, Health, and Tourism.


Tony Abbott: Abbott was elected the leader of Australia in June 2014, and since then he has been an outspoken opponent of same- and intersex marriage.

He recently signed a bill banning same-and-sex couples from adopting each other.

Abbott has also been vocal about the need for the Labor government to make Australia a more equal nation,