A woman faces jail for having a tattoo of her former employer’s dog

A woman has been jailed for two years for allegedly having a cat tattooed on her back.

The woman, who cannot be named for legal reasons, had her licence suspended for two months after her licence was suspended for six months in February this year, the Victorian Supreme Court heard on Wednesday.

The court was told the tattoo was done by a tattoo artist in July last year.

The tattoo of a dog on a woman’s back is seen during a court hearing in Melbourne, Victoria, in this August 30, 2018 file photo.

A woman has had her driver’s licence suspended after being found guilty of having a pet tattoo on her right arm.

Key points:A tattoo artist at a Melbourne tattoo parlour allegedly had a cat’s head on her arm after being told it was the dog’s nameThe woman was arrested in July after a dog was found to have a tattoo on its backThe woman’s licence was also suspended for five monthsThe woman has since been charged with an offence under the Animal Welfare Act.

She had her license suspended for four months and her licence for two more months.

Judge John Della Volpe said the tattoo on the woman’s arm was of a cat, but he would not give a legal opinion on whether it was a tattoo or not.

“You’ve got to find out,” he said.

“I’m not going to take a case on this.”

If it is a tattoo, it’s a tattoo and I’m not a dog person.”‘

I’m really disappointed’The tattoo artist who did the tattoo said he was “really disappointed” with the court.”

It’s really disturbing and I feel very disappointed,” he told the court after the hearing.”

To me, it should not be illegal.

“Judge Della VOLPE said he could not give legal advice because it was not a criminal matter.”

But this is a private matter, I’m sure the court is not going a court of law,” he explained.’

I just wish there was some clarity’The woman said she was happy with the decision and would continue to do business with her tattoo parlor.”

My aim is to be in the tattoo industry and do as much as I can for the community,” she said.’

My job’s over’The court heard the tattoo artist had previously told the woman it was an “unforgivable act”.”

It was something that would never be allowed, not even in a courtroom,” the tattooist told the hearing, describing the tattoo as “horrific”.”

I think if this was done in a legal context, I would have been able to fight it.

“This is not a legal issue.

This is a personal issue.”

The tattoo was allegedly done at a tattoo shop in Melbourne.

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