Meet the man who has a perfect eye for a diamond ring

The man who says he can “pick up diamonds” in less than two seconds has the perfect eye and is one of the world’s top diamond cutters.

Mr Scott’s work is based around an idea that’s been around for years, and has led to a new breed of cutters using a technique called photolithography to create intricate, detailed patterns that are then scanned into a diamond cutter.

“I’m one of those guys who can pick up diamonds in less then two seconds,” Mr Scott told the ABC.

It’s an unusual job, as there are a number of techniques to do it, including a laser-cutting technique that uses a laser to cut diamond-shaped patterns.

“You’ve got to be very precise.

If you miss the cut, you’ve got an imperfection in the pattern,” Mr MacKay said.

What you need to know about diamondsThe Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) has estimated there are around 200 million diamonds in the world, with more than 80 per cent of those held in reserve in South Africa.

The ABC has tracked down the most prolific and successful diamond cutler in the country, who has been dubbed the diamond man.

His success has led him to be considered the world leader in cutting diamond rings, which have a record value of $US15 million.

Mr Scott has made it his life’s work to hone his skills, which he says is why he has an “exquisite eye”.

“It’s like the diamond is my brain,” Mr Walker said.

“I’ve always been a perfectionist.”

Mr Scott, who grew up in Sydney and has a degree in engineering from the University of Western Sydney, is not only one of Australia’s most prolific cutters, he is also one of its most sought after.

His work has made him a star, with clients from across the world paying up to $US50,000 for diamonds.

But it’s not all about the money.

Mr Scott is also interested in helping people who are in need of a diamond cut.

He has set up a website where anyone can send him a diamond, and he will be happy to hand it to anyone.

The ABC spoke to a number people who have helped Mr Scott out over the years.

They all agreed that he was an exceptional diamond cutter.

“He’s really well known and very well respected in the industry,” one person told the network.

“People come in and they say, ‘I was here a couple of years ago, he’s here today’.” But while the business may not be glamorous, Mr Scott said he has a “real passion” for diamonds and diamonds cutters and would be happy for anyone to help him.

“It just means a lot to me.

I love to help people.

I can’t imagine anyone being happy to pay $50,00 for a ring,” Mr Robinson said.