Biometrics appointments for 2018-19 season: kaiser appointment for 2020-21

A new appointment for the German Bundesliga’s coach has been confirmed.

Kaiser is the club’s first appointment for next season and is expected to take over from Jurgen Klopp, who is expected be confirmed by the club on Tuesday.

Klopp had been expected to remain in charge of the team in 2019-20, but the German federation has given him permission to leave on a temporary basis and replace the club with the appointment of the German Football League (DFB) appointed by the German government.

It is understood that Klopp will be replaced by an appointment for a period of four months to allow him to prepare his first team, which is currently preparing for the 2019-2020 season.

The new appointment will see the club take its new assistant coach in the same category as Klopp, and it is likely to be his first game as the new head coach.

It comes after a turbulent season that saw the club struggle to win the title, finish in the top half of the table and only win a single league game, and was also marred by allegations of racism and homophobic slurs against the club.

The allegations of discrimination, homophobic slurs and racism have caused widespread criticism from players, fans and even former coaches, and have been widely condemned by the Bundesliga and German football.

However, the appointment has already sparked some controversy among some supporters.

Speaking to Bild on Monday, former Bundesliga midfielder Alexander Niederhauser said the appointment was “absolutely wrong”, adding that it was a “shame” that the German FA had decided to “get rid of the coach”.

Niedermauer said: “The fact that it is a kaiser is a very sad thing.

I’m not against kaisers, but when the federation is so close to you and it seems like a very big club with such big resources, then the federation should be ashamed.”

However, Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund have also backed the appointment, with both parties confirming that they would support the new hire.

The appointment of Kaiser will be the first of a number of changes in the Bundesliga this season, with the club now being managed by the new ownership group, the DFB.

Kiessling, who was appointed as manager last summer, has a long-term contract at the club that will end in 2020.

He was in charge from 2020 until the end of 2019 and had already overseen Bayern’s success in the Champions League and Europa League.