Honolulu doctors on call to help with Ebola outbreak

Hawai’i is on the verge of experiencing its third Ebola outbreak, bringing the total number of cases and deaths to nearly 3,000, according to a preliminary tally released Thursday by the state Department of Health.

The latest data, from the state Health Department, is a sign that the disease is spreading.

The state’s Health Department reported Friday that at least 3,066 people have tested positive for the virus, compared with 4,632 who tested positive in the week before.

Of the 3,166 cases, 1,942 have died, and 5,979 are hospitalized, according the preliminary data.

The total number and number of deaths from Ebola in Hawai’is are not yet available.

The outbreak, which began Oct. 1, is the second highest number of confirmed cases in the U.S. This is the highest number reported in the island nation, according data from the U