How to find the best dentist in your state, state association says

NEW YORK — New York state association of dentists says it is recommending that people who are seeking a new appointment at a dentistry should be in a state dentist’s office for two weeks.

The recommendation comes as the Trump administration considers whether to make dentists subject to a government rule that would require them to provide people with chronic diseases with the preventive care they need, including vaccines, according to a statement from the association.

In the statement, the association said that it is making the recommendation “in light of recent changes in the health care system in the United States that require many individuals with chronic health conditions to travel to or from states where the government does not mandate the delivery of health care services.”

The association said it wants to emphasize the importance of dental care to people with medical conditions, noting that some people with asthma and other chronic health problems are not able to go to state-owned health centers.

It added that it also supports a state-run system that would provide health care for the uninsured, those with incomes below 200 percent of the federal poverty level, and people with disabilities.

The association also said that dentists should make appointments when they are available, noting the costs associated with doing so.

The move comes amid an escalating debate over the Trump Administration’s push to make dental care accessible to people without health insurance.

The Association of New York Dental Surgeons said the new recommendation is an important first step in addressing the state’s chronic under-utilization of its resources.

The association said in the statement that it will consider the new recommendations “as they become available.”