How to book your next financial appointment online – the right way

In some cases, you can book your first financial appointment from your phone.

Read more about financial planning and advice with an APS.

You can also call your bank to book an appointment.

If you can’t find the time to book a first appointment online, you might consider a mobile phone or tablet.

These are more convenient, more accurate and more secure than a bank branch.

They are also a more affordable option than an APT.

Call your local branch to book with an appointment for a mobile call.

The APS can provide you with an in-person appointment if your branch is within Sydney’s metropolitan areas, and it is located in the metropolitan area with the lowest unemployment rate in the State.

If you are not in Sydney, contact your local bank branch to check if you can meet the requirements.

If your bank is not within Sydney, call the APS on 1800 633 040.

If there is no bank branch within Sydney within the metropolitan areas of Sydney, you will need to contact your bank directly.

Call the APT on 1800 028 8100.

Call an online bank or an APA branch if you are in Sydney or the regional areas.

You will need the name and phone number of the branch you are interested in.

The bank or branch should be able to confirm the details you provide.

They can also confirm if you have any current credit card statements or other documentation.

If the bank or bank branch is not in NSW, you’ll need to call your local banking authority.

Call the APTA to confirm your details.

You may also call the AFRIC on 1800 551 467 to verify that the information you provided is accurate.

If all of the steps above have been completed successfully, you should receive an email from the APSA confirming your appointment.

If not, you may need to send an email to the APAS email address.

The AFRICA Banking Service provides advice and support to Australians seeking to obtain banking services, including the APTS.

You can also access a list of local APT branch locations in Sydney.

The APTS can also assist you with banking application forms.

Find out how to access the AFIBCs online banking information service.