What’s the difference between a virtual appointment and a real appointment?

Oklahoma’s Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) has released a new feature for online appointments, allowing you to upload a photo and a personal video.

The DMV said the app is designed to help users “find a driver, check an address, and receive an appointment to drive.”

The app will also let users upload their driving history and make a reservation.

It also lets users review appointments and get a personalized notification.

The app is currently only available in Oklahoma, Mississippi, Louisiana, Nebraska, and Tennessee.

However, the DMV is looking to expand the app to other states in the future.

“Oklahoma has a population of about 11.7 million, which includes nearly 1.2 million children and 2.7 percent of all births in the United States,” the DMV said.

“With this technology, we will be able to provide more opportunities to those who have difficulty navigating the complex process of getting an appointment.”