How to avoid the ‘Dangerous’ DMV in Nevada

I’ve been driving around Nevada with a friend and a car.

I like the way it looks.

My friend’s car looks a little bit like mine.

And so, we decided to take the trip. 

We stopped in Reno to buy gas, get a haircut, buy groceries and take a spin on the road.

We stopped at a gas station, bought some groceries and walked down to the beach.

It’s a fun way to see the country.

When we get to the airport, we’re not sure where to park, but we’ve got the same destination in mind: Nevada State Capitol.

I’m glad we stopped.

There are a lot of parking lots in the state capitol.

It feels like a city.

But Nevada isn’t a lot like California, which has a lot more parks, a lot less traffic, a bit more sun, and plenty of people.

There are only three major metro areas in Nevada: Reno, Las Vegas and Carson City.

Each has its own set of problems.

In Reno, there are only two major airports, one of which is on the Pacific Ocean.

In Carson City, the airport is just a mile from downtown.

The main airport is in the desert near the end of the Strip.

It is not very easy to find.

I get to Reno at about 11 a.m. 

I’m in my office in the front of the DMV office.

The office is empty except for a couple of people, who are waiting to sign their name on the forms.

We’re standing in line for our forms.

A guy in a blue T-shirt with a beard is standing behind me.

He has a beard.

“Do you want to get a license or not?”

I ask him.

I look at him.

He looks at me again.

“No,” he says.

I ask if he’s got a beard, too.

He says no.

After a minute or so, another person steps forward.

“Are you here for a DMV appointment?” he asks.

Yes, I said.

Then the line starts to grow longer.

I step back in line.

I feel the urge to get out of the line, but I can’t.

I want to take my photo with my friend.

Another person comes up behind me and pushes me back.

I tell him to back off.

I just want to walk away.

I get back into line.

The DMV office is a long way from the city.

There’s a big parking lot.

I take my turn.

The guy with the beard walks me through the process.

He tells me to go through the paperwork.

Before we go in, I ask, “Are there any questions?”

He says, “There are a few questions we have to answer.”

I’m nervous about getting a license, but he says there are plenty of questions.

I start to get nervous.

At one point, I tell the DMV employee that I don’t like the beard.

The employee looks at the form and asks, “Do you think this is a bad idea?”

I tell her I’m not sure.

Then he asks me, “If you’re gonna get a DMV license, how old are you?”

I say, “I’m twenty-two.”

He says he’ll check my license.

I think, “Well, what do I do?”

I don.

Finally, after another half hour, the DMV worker finally gets to the part about age.

My friend’s friend’s mother comes up and starts speaking to me.

“Why do you want a DMV?” she asks.

I nod.

She says, “(I’m) worried you won’t get the job you want.”

I tell my friend that it’s okay, and we go into the DMV offices.

For the first time, I can see myself getting a job as a DMV driver.

I can get paid, I have the opportunity to drive for free, I don’ have to drive my friends’ cars.

It’s like a dream come true.

It just feels good.

Next month, I plan to go back to Nevada to try to get the license I always wanted.

I’ll probably drive my friend’s parents’ car for the first few days, and I’ll try to stay out of trouble.

I know I’m a little crazy, but the DMV can’t keep me from getting a driver’s license, so I’m going to take it all in stride.

And, in the meantime, I hope this article was helpful.

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