How to apply for a road test in Kerala?

How to get a road check in Kerala has become more difficult with the implementation of the Goods and Services Tax (GST).

The new regime has made the road test more difficult for drivers who have not been registered under the National Motor Vehicle Registration Authority (NMVA).

As per the new regulations, only people who have been registered with the NMVA under the old regime and have been issued a Road Card can apply for road test appointments.

The NMVA has been working on the roads since 2012 and has started accepting road test applications from February 1, 2017.

This means that those who have only been issued Road Cards or are not yet registered under any authority can apply to be road tested.

But those who are not registered can only apply for the road check at the NM VA.

Drivers who have yet to be registered under NMVA and have not applied for road check can apply online for road tests in Kerala.

The Road Test Programme has a website, which can be accessed here: Road Test Application website.

The Road Test Centre in Kochi is also available for road testing.

If you have not yet been registered and have applied for the Road Test, you can still get a Road Check from the NM Va.

There is a list of the available road test centres here:Road Test Application webpage.

If your vehicle has a manual transmission, you may want to try out a manual test.

The NMVA is also accepting road tests with automatic transmissions.

The state government has made it easier to register vehicles with the government.

For drivers, the registration process is simple.

For a vehicle, a driver’s name, address, licence plate number and vehicle registration number are printed on the registration certificate.

The government also gives you the registration documents to check your registration.

The vehicle has to be kept at least 2km away from a road in case of emergency.