How to get healthpartner appointment coverage

HealthPartners is offering to cover the cost of appointment appointments at some of its healthpartiers locations, including locations in Las Vegas, New York, Atlanta, Boston, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Atlanta and Los Angeles, for up to four hours a day, starting Nov. 16.

In addition, the company has launched a website where customers can register and get the coverage.

The website allows users to sign up for a one-time waiver and be sent a voucher with a $20 credit to pay for an appointment.

The site does not allow for online or in-person appointments.

In its announcement, the site said the coverage is “not available at all of HealthPartner’s healthpart partners.”

It’s not clear how many locations will be covered.

The companies healthpart, healthpartzen, and healthpartzer are all part of the same healthpart network.

They all operate out of different locations in different states.

For now, the sites do not appear to offer healthpart company-owned facilities.