When can we expect the latest news on recess appointments?

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ET, Tuesday, March 17, 2018: The news you need to know about recess appointmentsThe news you don’t need to hear about recess appointment.1.

How will the House and Senate react to recess appointments if they come to the Senate?2.

Will Republicans pass a bill that will let the Senate take up recess appointments, or will they just pass the Senate bill?3.

How much will the Senate pay for recess appointments during the recess?4.

Does the House need to agree to recess recess appointments before the Senate passes its bill?5.

Will the Senate continue to allow Republicans to make recess appointments with a simple majority of 51 votes?6.

Will Democrats need to have a 60-vote supermajority to approve recess appointments on the Senate floor?7.

What about the Senate’s decision to allow a supermajority for recess?8.

How long does a recess appointment last?9.

How many weeks is a recess?10.

How is recess time supposed to be structured?11.

What is the rule for recess time for non-essential personnel?12.

What happens to those non-emergency staff that are exempt from being able to leave their job at a particular time during a recess and go home to do their job?13.

How can Republicans stop a recess from being used for political purposes?14.

Is the House going to allow the Senate to make a recess appointments bill if the Senate has not passed its bill already?15.

Does it make sense for the Senate and House to pass recess appointments through conference committees, like it was done in the early days of the Republican-controlled Congress?16.

Is there a possibility that Republicans could take up a recess bill, as they did with a recess-related bill during the George W. Bush administration?17.

Is it time for a bipartisan agreement on recess appointment?18.

What will happen if Democrats pass a recess agenda that is not a recess plan?19.

What would be the consequences of Democrats voting against a recess budget?20.

Is Democrats in a position to block a recess on the House floor if the House passes a recess deal?21.

What are the chances that Republicans would vote to block recess appointments by a simple 51-vote majority if the recess is a bipartisan deal?22.

Is recess a bipartisan issue?23.

How do Democrats vote on recess legislation?24.

Is a recess recess recess?25.

What should be the first order of business in the House to ensure that a recess is not used for partisan political purposes or other partisan purposes?26.

Will there be a rule in the Senate for the House or Senate to pass a joint resolution to take up the recess or to pass another bill with a super-majority of the Senate that addresses the recess issue?27.

Will Senate Republicans take up any kind of recess legislation during the current legislative session?28.

Will senators be able to bring a vote to the floor for any kind or any kind not being a recess resolution?29.

What do Senate Democrats want?30.

What does the House want?